3 Steps to Save Money With Your Washing Machine

Come rain or shine, the washing machine is one appliance in the home which is in almost constant use, so it may come as no surprise that it accounts for roughly 7% of your energy bill. But, there are ways you can save money when using yours – without hindering the overall performance of the appliance.

Choose Wisely:

If you’re looking for a new washing machine, buy wisely – and to do this, you should follow the checklist below.

– Is it energy efficient? Previously washing machines were rated from A+++ to D, however since 2014 the ratings have changed from A+++ (most energy efficient) through to A++, A+ and A (least energy efficient) washer repair los angeles.

– What’s the drum size? A myth is the bigger the drum size, the better the appliance – but this isn’t necessarily true. To get an energy efficiency wash from your appliance you need to make sure the drum is full – if your drum capacity is too big, this can be difficult. Generally, for the average UK household a 7kg capacity machine will suffice.

– How fast is the spin? The spin of your washing machine is responsible for removing water from your clothes and leaving it as dry as possible – but a faster spin doesn’t automatically mean drier clothes, yet it can mean a costlier appliance. It’s recommended to opt for a spin between 1200rpm and 1400rpm. [source: John Lewis]

– What features are included? The features offered by washing machines will vary from model to model, so ensure you’re selecting one which includes those features you’ll require. Some of the features you should look out for are: delay start, child locks, wool programmes and quick wash.

Using Your Washing Machine:

90% of your washing machine’s energy is used up on heating the water. When you consider the average washing machine uses 11 litres of water for every kilogram of cottons it washes on a standard 40⁰C wash programme it’s understandable to see why using your washing machine can account for so much of your annual energy bills.

But there are steps you can take when using the appliance to make it more energy efficient and to ensure you continue to get a great clean of your laundry, including:

1) Always wash a full load. When you consider the amount of water and energy needed to run your appliance, it’s more energy efficient to wash a full load rather than half loads.
2) If your clothes are only lightly soiled, opt for a shorter wash cycle such as a quick wash. On the other hand, if the clothes are heavily soiled soak them before putting them in the washing machine. It’s also recommended to rub stubborn stains with everyday soap to help lift them out of your clothes.
3) Opt for a cotton wash cycle rather than a synthetic one. Due to synthetic wash cycles helping to prevent creases, they use 50% more water – costing you more on your utility bills. [source: Which?]
4) Whilst it may be required if you have extremely sensitive skin, if you don’t avoid using an extra rinse function as this will waste water.
5) Consider the amount of detergent you’re using. Using too much detergent can result in internal parts becoming reduced in efficiency and hinder the appliance’s performance. To use the correct amount of detergent, it’s recommended to follow the instructions on the detergent packaging.
6) Don’t wash clothes for the sake of it. Whilst many of us opt to throw our clothes into the laundry bin after a couple of hours wear, hanging them up to air can help us get the maximum wear out of our clothes and also reduce the amount of time our washing machine is needed – saving us money.
Along with following the points above, consider lowering the temperature at which you wash your clothes. For many wash cycles a 30°C wash will suffice – and this will not only save you money on your utility bills, but it’ll also ensure your clothes are coming out clean.

Clean, Regularly:

Cleaning your washing machine is as important as selecting the right one for your needs and requirements, as it’ll remove the build up of any limescale and detergent, whilst also preventing gunk from building up in various crevices of your appliance.

The cleaning of your washing machine should begin as soon as the wash cycle finishes, by leaving the door and soap dispenser slightly ajar. This enables the appliance to air dry naturally, preventing mould and mildew from building up.

In addition to leaving the door of your washing machine ajar at the end of each wash cycle, it’s also recommended that a maintenance wash is carried out on a monthly basis. Such a wash involves placing the appliance on its hottest wash cycle and incorporating a limescale and detergent remover too.

How to Disconnect a Washing Machine

Whether you have bought a new washing machine, or need to get your existing one repaired, you will need to get your washing machine disconnected from the mains to ensure there are no water leaks or damage to your kitchen.

This article provides an overview of how to disconnect a washing machine simply and easily. There are four very important things to remember.

1. If it is a new machine there will be travel bolts in the rear of the appliance kenmore washer repair los angeles. These bolts are put into the rear of the appliance to ensure the drum is protected during transit, as loose moving drums can be damaged if not kept in the correct position. It is very important to remove them all. By removing the travel bolts, you will ensure that the machine can function correctly and without disruption.

2. To disconnect the water supply on an old machine you must first locate the source of the water, and determine if there is one pipe for cold water, or two pipes (with an additional being for hot water from your boiler). To identify the water pipes, look for the slimmest pipe going into the back of the machine (the water inlet will be slimmer than the waste pipe). On most modern appliances there is only a cold inlet as the washing machines heats up the water its self. To disconnect turn the water off. This is done at the end of the flexi hose. Thumb tap 90 Degrees this will turn the water off. Then you can unscrew the flexi pipe.

3. To disconnect the waste you might need a cap (the waste pipe will be larger in diameter than the water inlet). At the end of the flexi waste pipe can be two different fittings. Either a U-bend if that is the case it can be removed. That said, the U-bend might have a fitting that needs to be un screwed. Once removed go to the plumbing merchants and by a cap to replace the fitting. Otherwise there will be a large hole which smells and wastewater can leak out, causing a severe stench within the kitchen and potential damage to surrounding surfaces and floors.

4. Un plug the electrics and remove the washing machine, carrying out any repairs or replacements as you require. Whilst the machine is being removed, ensure that any lino flooring isn’t damaged, or tiles, as dragging machines can cause tears or scratches on flooring surfaces if not moved slowly.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality by Finding Appliances for Sale From a Repair Professional

If you need a new refrigerator, dishwasher, or oven, consider contacting your local appliance repair services pro instead of immediately heading for an appliance store. Repair companies often offer second-run appliances for sale, which can offer a less expensive, more reliable investment opportunity than buying new.

While we all know that our household appliances won’t run indefinitely, we’re never actually prepared for the moment when they break down. Because our appliances are such a prominent part of our daily routines, our first reaction when the fridge, oven, or microwave goes kaput and can’t be revived is often to run out and get a new one from the store right away. While this impulse is understandable, opting immediately for a new store-bought appliance is not always the best option. Used appliance models often provide better value and better performance over the long run. An appliance repair service will be able to either point you in the direction of used appliance dealers or offer used models for sale themselves. If you’re in the market for an appliance, contact your local appliances repair company for more information kitchenaid refrigerator repair los angeles.

When it comes to purchasing an appliance, one of the first and most important considerations is cost. As a rule, used appliances will cost far less than new ones. This lower cost does not necessarily have any relation to the quality of the product or its functionality. The fact is that, simply by virtue of how the market works, an item that is used has less commercial value than a new, never-been-touched item. This means that you can get a high-quality, perfectly functioning used appliance for a much lower price than a new item. The downside to buying used is that you usually won’t find the most current model of an appliance. However, if you’re more interested in the essential functions that an appliance performs rather than in having all the ultra-modern features that a brand-new model would have, purchasing a used appliance is by far the most economical choice on the table. If you contact your local repair pro for used appliance advice or sales, he or she will be able to talk you through the options available and can help you decide if a used or new model is best for you.

The other major benefit of buying a used appliance is that it has already had most, if not all, of the bugs worked out. This is one of the reasons that buying from an appliance repairs company is an excellent idea. As repair professionals, these experts will have serviced the appliance in question from top to bottom. Since it’s their job to make sure that the appliances they come in contact with function correctly, any appliance you buy from a repair company is certain to be in perfect working order. In some cases, you may actually get a better product when you buy used from a repair firm than if you were to purchase a new appliance.

If you need an appliance, consider purchasing a used model from an appliance repair professional. That way, you’ll know that you’re getting a high-quality product for a low price.

How to Stop Your Fridge From Freezing Over

If your fridge keeps freezing over no matter what setting that you have it on, you’ll need to figure out what the problem is before you can fix it. Fortunately, there are just a couple of things that can cause this problem with fridge freezers, so it shouldn’t take long too narrow down what needs replacement. This is the case no matter what brand you have, whether it is a Whirpool fridge freezer or a Smeg fridge freezer.

The first thing you need to check is your refrigerator’s thermometer maytag refrigerator repair pasadena. If this is not functioning correctly, it can cause foods to freeze at the lowest setting. You’ll need to take out the thermometer in order to test it. It can be located in different parts of your refrigerator depending on the brand and the model, so check your manual if you still have it. One of the most common spots for it to be found is under the floor at the bottom, but it may also be in the freezer section at the back. Shelves or the floor panel may need to be taken out in order to reach the thermometer. If you find that this is the problem, it should be easy to find a replacement.

If your thermometer is in working order, you may have a faulty door damper that is causing the fridge to freeze over. This isn’t in all models of fridge freezers and is more common in side by side brands. The door damper is a sliding or swinging door that opens and shuts when the temperature settings are adjusted or the door is opened. This door damper problem can be caused by a motor or a broken thermostat.

Finally, your food freezing issues might be caused by a failed cold control. It is simple to check if this is the problem. You’ll need to first put your temperature settings to the middle. If you have two different control switches, they should both be set this way. Then fill three plastic cups with water. Set one on the top shelf, one on the middle, and one on the bottom. Leave them undisturbed for a day. When you check on them twenty-four hours later, they should still have water in them. If they have frozen, the refrigerator problem may be a broken cold control.

After you have determined what is causing your fridge to freeze even at the lowest setting, you can then decide how to repair it. If it is a thermometer problem you may want to replace it on your own. For the more difficult problems you may need to use a professional repair person unless you have experience with home repairs.


Two DIY Dryer Repair Fixes, Plus When to Call in a Repair Professional

You rely on your dryer to speed up your weekly chores, and when it stops working, you can be left high and not dry. Some dryer problems can be solved with a DIY fix, while others require the expertise of a dryer repair professional.

Is your dryer not actually drying your clothes? Is it failing to heat, or not turning on at all? Any of these issues can turn the already time-consuming task of doing your family’s laundry into a multiday affair, as you’ll have to hang up or lay out all of those wet clothes and wait for them to air-dry. Before you call in an appliance repair professional to diagnose and fix the problem, consider whether it’s something you can resolve yourself. Two common dryer issues can be easily fixed by a DIY novice, whereas more serious problems will require the skill and knowledge of a repair expert dryer repair altadena.

Dirty or Clogged Dryer Vent

Many dryer failures result from improper ventilation. If the hot, moist air is unable to escape from the dryer, your clothes will still be damp or even wet at the end of the cycle. A clogged dryer vent can also lead to increased noise as the dryer runs. Beyond the effects on your clothes and your eardrums, poor dryer ventilation can actually damage the machine itself, causing the heating mechanism to fail prematurely. A dryer vent that is blocked or clogged with lint is also a fire hazard.

You can avoid these problems by making sure to clean out your lint filter before each load. If your dryer is failing to dry your clothes or is taking extra time to get everything dry, your first step should be to clean out the vents. If the problem is severe, you can bring in a professional dryer vent cleaning service to thoroughly clean the unit. In general, clean out your dryer’s entire ventilation system at least once a year.

Dryer Won’t Start

If your dryer won’t turn on at all, there might be an electrical issue you can fix yourself. Before you pick up the phone to call a dryer repair specialist, check the dryer’s plug to make sure it’s securely in the outlet. If it is, and the dryer still won’t turn on, it’s time to check your circuit breaker.

An electrical circuit can get overloaded if you’re asking for more power than it can provide. In such a case, the circuit breaker will trip, or turn off, to protect your home from a power surge or fire hazard. If the breaker attached to your laundry room or washer/dryer area has tripped, flip it back on. If the dryer still won’t start, contact your local appliance repair service.

The best way to ensure your dryer’s longevity is to take steps to help it perform properly in the first place-think prevention, rather than repair. If you keep the venting system clean and ensure that the unit is plugged into a circuit that provides the appropriate level of electricity, you’ve conquered two major causes of dryer malfunction. However, even well-maintained appliances can break down over time. If neither of these do-it-yourself fixes works, call in a reliable appliance repair technician to get your unit back to optimum performance.

Maintaining Your Machine With a Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

Home appliances undoubtedly make our work faster and easier. But maintaining them is what can be a difficult task for most of us. That is the reason why maintenance is the most neglected task in any part of the globe. Every tool need to be maintained in order for it to function well and last longer. The same is applicable to your drying machine. You need to maintain this tool not only because you want it to function effectively, but you also want to prevent any fire hazard that may result. Therefore having a dryer vent cleaning kit is a must if you want to maintain your equipment dryer repair pasadena.

Maintaining your equipment will ensure that there is no sudden breakdown or machine failure. The drying machine helps you dry you clothes by squeezing water out of the soaked clothes. This machine is really beneficial to us especially during winter periods and in cases where you desire speedy drying. That is why we have this machine installed in our homes to help dry clean our clothes.

Maintaining this tool is not a difficult task. If you can buy a dryer vent cleaning kit, doing the maintenance will do a lot of good to you on the long run. There is a long pipe attached to the machine that generates a lot of heat. In some instances, the fur or lint that floats with the water can get stock in the filter which can stay that way for a long period.

This will prevent the heat from going out which might eventually lead to a fire hazard. Another scenario for fire hazard might inadequate airflow as a result of crushed exhaust pipe or improper installation. This is the reasons why you have to ensure that the equipment is maintained and properly cleaned regularly to prevent such fir incident.

It is increasingly getting important to clean your machine in order to avoid the risk of having a fire incident. The dryer vent cleaning kit will come in handy to help you properly take care of your machine regularly. It contains a brush and a vacuum cleaner designed specifically for this purpose.

Its price is considerably cheap as you would be able to get a nice one for as low as $40. So, the best way to make sure that your machine is properly maintained is to get one of the kits in the market and do maintenance at least once a year or whenever you notice any problem with your machine.

Microwave Ovens and the Benefits They Provide

Take a look at a normal kitchen and what do you see? Basically the same stuff scattered all over the vicinity. With a traditional kitchen you can most probably find stoves, baking ovens and even grills being collaborated together to perform culinary functions. However these bare bone facilities take up large physical spaces and can be a chore to operate. What if you could combine all these equipment together into one? With that in mind, you can always look to a user friendly microwave oven to fulfill all your culinary desires.

The benefits of a microwave oven are plain for everyone to see kitchenaid stove and oven repair los angeles. In a microwave, a magnetron produces the microwaves to heat up your food. These microwaves are passed and reflected evenly upon the metal cavity of the oven. Your food specimen would then absorb these reflected waves and evenly cook and heat up.

Now you might think what’s the big deal with microwave cooking? You will probably think that cooking with fire is practically the same as cooking with microwaves since the food gets cooked and heated up eventually. Well you could not be more wrong. Of course your food will cook, but cooking with microwaves is essentially healthier compared to conventional cooking. Conventional cooking might endanger the nutrients in your food such as destroying the amino chains or severely diminishing the macro nutrient content of your food specimen. Microwave ovens usually produce microwave frequencies of around 2400 MHz, a frequency perfect for cooking as it ensures that all the nutrients and vitamins inside your food will remain unaltered.

For the environmentalist, a microwave oven would be a must have tool for your kitchen. A microwave runs on electricity from your conventional power plugs. Although they might consume higher levels of electricity, but you would only need to operate it when you cook something. When put into comparison with other cooking appliances, the microwave oven would win hands down when it comes to environmental friendliness. Cooking stoves usually run on limited gas supplies and they are not very friendly towards to environment.

Besides being friendly towards the environment, microwave ovens are also very friendly towards your resources, and by resources I mean time and money. Microwave ovens are usually a one off purchase and they require very little maintenance. Should problems persist, then your local supplier or manufacturer would easily fix those problems. The intermittent usage of electricity would save you a lot more compared to buying and storing gas supplies for your stove. On the other hand, microwaves are also very user friendly kitchen appliances and they require very little effort to handle and operate. Modern microwaves come with digital displays and knobs together with on board computers to help calibrate cooking preferences for your culinary specimen. By just pushing buttons and turning dials, you can have your meal ready in an instant.

Microwave ovens are usually compact in nature, with sizes ranging to 2.5 cubic feet. They are usually placed on tables or counters and would fit in almost corner. If your kitchen is clattered with miscellaneous appliances, then a microwave would definitely save you some space. Besides, such an oven would enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen too. It is time to make plans and draw out a budget for your new microwave oven because it is not something that you would want; it is actually something you will need.

Don’t Do Appliance Repair Yourself

Doing it yourself is a good way to feel a lot of pride about your ability to take care of yourself or it is a great way to feel really terrible about your complete inability to take care of yourself. Any time you take repairing major appliances into your own hands you are potentially dooming yourself to an embarrassing and expensive mistake. Making an attempt on Maytag dryer repair could assure that the dryer you have long relied on becomes a bulk sized item in a heap of trash. Understanding how to repair a major appliance is not intuitive. Instead it is complicated and messy work that can take years for even the most handy among us to get done. I am certain that most of us have seen friends or loved ones attempt a do it themselves appliance repair and watched as their frustrations turned into even more expensive repairs than they had on their hands when they first dove in whirlpool dishwasher repair los angeles.

Repairs being done by professionals are always the safer bet. If you are in need of Maytag repairs to any of the wide variety of appliances that company produces, from dishwashers and dryers to ovens and washing machines, you might want to go with a professionally accredited Maytag repairs service. There are of course multiple reasons for this. Not only is a professional repair service going to be able to fix the problem more efficiently and without the same potential for complications that a novice like yourself would have, they will also likely be covered in case damage is done to the machine. What’s more, if there are warranties still in place on any item you have to have a professional look at the problem. If you yourself start tinkering with the inner working of your machine you will then become libel for any damage that has been done before or after you open it up. This is true of most appliance brands so you should be equally carefully with Frigidaire repair and Whirlpool appliance repair as well. Any work you do inside of your appliance could potentially void a warranty and cost you hundreds of dollars.

Do not be stubborn when it comes to appliance repair. If you live anywhere even close to civilization there is likely a reliable person ready to fix any and all major appliances you might have trouble with. Fixing it yourself might be a satisfying surprise but getting it done quickly and guaranteeing it’s done right will make put the problems behind you quickly and potentially for a lot less money.

Solar Powered Clothes Dryers

If you are interested in getting in on the solar trend, you might be interested in solar power clothes dryers. There are many options for this category that will all save you money and energy usage. The clothes dryer is the second-largest energy user in the typical home, after the refrigerator. Over the course of its lifetime, a typical clothes dryer will cost $1,100 to operate! Cut costs with solar powered clothes dryers.

The first option for solar powered clothes dryers might be seem silly lg dryer repair pasadena, but they are the best-clotheslines. This age-old clothing drying technique can save you a lot of money and energy. If you don’t have a clothesline in your yard, or you don’t have a yard at all, consider setting up a clothes drying rack. These are available in many sizes and are very affordable. They can be set up on a balcony or patio or even just by a window for quick, efficient clothes drying.

Solar powered clothes dryers are not yet widely available. But many companies are working on it. Patents have been issued to several companies working on developing an all-inclusive solar powered dryer. Until these are more available, you should look into a high-powered spinning machine. These remove large amounts of water from clothing. They are energy efficient and only take a few minutes, but these few minutes can save you a half an hour in the dryer.

If you aren’t able to find a solar powered clothes dryer, you should consider making your own. This may not be easy for everyone, but if you are mechanically inclined and have a basic knowledge of how solar power works, you can set up one of these systems in your home. These set-ups created by regular people include a box-like dryer that sits outside. It is made with materials that draw in heat and insulation to keep it in. You place your clothes inside the box and let the sun do the rest of the work!

Make Sure Your Appliance Is Broke

The home owner is obviously very exasperated, her refrigerator is leaking and she’s worried that it will warp the oak flooring underneath the refrigerator. She’s right about that, it has already started to do so. The water is also running underneath the wall behind her refrigerator into the garage and on the floor there.

To make matters worse, she is putting her home on the market and getting it ready to sell, so the last thing she needs right now is any type of appliance, maintenance or water issue. Nothing sends a potential buyer away faster than a home with a bunch of issues. So even though it is only a very small water leak, it is having a huge impact on her state of mind and plans for the future samsung appliance repair pasadena.

The only problem from my perspective is that even though it is obvious that the unit has been leaking, it is not leaking when I show up and there isn’t a thing I can do. Here is the hard truth that so many appliance repairmen are afraid to throw out there, we can’t fix what we can’t see or observe.

For me to be able to solve a problem with your appliance, I have to be able to see the problem in action. I have to be able to see where the leak is coming from. I have to be able to hear the part that is making the noise that is driving you crazy. I have to see your machine actively engaged in whatever problematic behavior it is that caused you to pick up the phone and call me.

There are repair companies out there who will get out a crystal ball when confronted with a situation like this, and make guesses about what could be causing the problem and charge you heavily to correct the theoretical problems and I have heard some horror stories from homeowners who indulged these charlatans in their guesswork. It is actually easy for these companies to make these kinds of sales because homeowners want to believe that this kind of diagnosis is possible. However, in my opinion it is not.

To be able to make a repair that you can warranty and stand behind, you have to go through a process, to make matters easier for homeowners, I’m going to run you through it. A repairman has to be there when your appliance is having the problem. After seeing the issue in action, he must decide on the possible causes of the problem and there can often be many.

After deciding on possible causes for a problem, he must then check each of these possible causes until he discovers which of them, or which combination of them, is actually causing the issue. Only then can they actually make a repair. This is the intelligent method of repair. There is another method, the guesswork method, which involves replacing parts until you finally get around to replacing the correct one. In many of the calls I go on, the homeowner has already tried this approach and still has the problem.

So if at all possible, make sure the appliance you want fixed is actually broken. Because if you call a repairman out, they have to charge you for the time, gas and expense of coming out to your home, what is normally referred to as a service charge. And while I’m in business to make money, I don’t like making it that way, I don’t like the look it puts on my customer’s faces when I have to charge them to examine a machine that is not doing anything wrong.