How to Disconnect a Washing Machine

Whether you have bought a new washing machine, or need to get your existing one repaired, you will need to get your washing machine disconnected from the mains to ensure there are no water leaks or damage to your kitchen.

This article provides an overview of how to disconnect a washing machine simply and easily. There are four very important things to remember.

1. If it is a new machine there will be travel bolts in the rear of the appliance kenmore washer repair los angeles. These bolts are put into the rear of the appliance to ensure the drum is protected during transit, as loose moving drums can be damaged if not kept in the correct position. It is very important to remove them all. By removing the travel bolts, you will ensure that the machine can function correctly and without disruption.

2. To disconnect the water supply on an old machine you must first locate the source of the water, and determine if there is one pipe for cold water, or two pipes (with an additional being for hot water from your boiler). To identify the water pipes, look for the slimmest pipe going into the back of the machine (the water inlet will be slimmer than the waste pipe). On most modern appliances there is only a cold inlet as the washing machines heats up the water its self. To disconnect turn the water off. This is done at the end of the flexi hose. Thumb tap 90 Degrees this will turn the water off. Then you can unscrew the flexi pipe.

3. To disconnect the waste you might need a cap (the waste pipe will be larger in diameter than the water inlet). At the end of the flexi waste pipe can be two different fittings. Either a U-bend if that is the case it can be removed. That said, the U-bend might have a fitting that needs to be un screwed. Once removed go to the plumbing merchants and by a cap to replace the fitting. Otherwise there will be a large hole which smells and wastewater can leak out, causing a severe stench within the kitchen and potential damage to surrounding surfaces and floors.

4. Un plug the electrics and remove the washing machine, carrying out any repairs or replacements as you require. Whilst the machine is being removed, ensure that any lino flooring isn’t damaged, or tiles, as dragging machines can cause tears or scratches on flooring surfaces if not moved slowly.

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