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A walk around Galicia (part I)

Galicia is a magical land which puts a spell on those who visit her and makes them return again and again. It is like an ancient treasure chest waiting to be discovered. Distant from the cliché exports from Spain, Galicia is a surprising country, for the beauty of its landscapes and the strength of its culture.

It is the green country of a thousand rivers and 30,000 parties. It is a lively forest. It is the land of Cape Finisterre, the myth and the legend. It is the birthplace of ancestral rituals. It is a gastronomic paradise offering the best of the countryside and the sea, and always accompanied by its excellent wines. It is tradition and modernity. It is the end of the "Camino de Santiago" and the beginning of an experience you have to repeat.

The Galicians, used to being citizens of the world, know very well what hospitality is, and so we will try to make you feel at home.

“You say, "Galicia is very small". I will tell you Galicia is a world. Each land is as though it were an entire world. You can travel from north to south and from east to west in very little time; you can travel the land again and again; you will never cover it all. And each time you do, you will find new things. (...) It may be small in area; but in depth and essence it is as large as you want it to be".
Vicente Risco 1884-1963 writer

The variety of the landscapes is spectacular. From the powerful beauty of its coasts and its raging sea to the mildness of its valleys; from the snowy mountain to the dunes; from estuaries to rivers; from forests to cultivated fields; from water to stone and from stone to wood; from cities to hidden villages; from the highest cliffs to the leafiest pathways; from mountains surrounded by fog to sunsets at the end of the world.

The urban landscapes combine ancient districts with the most modern and commercial.
All those have a long story and normally its beginning is related to legends.

Strolling through its rúas is a pleasure. We Galicians stroll come rain or shine. One just has to look upward and discover marks of its past: prominent chimneys, heraldic shields, bell towers, attractive balconies, windows which hide endless stories.


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