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eParalaia team

Our team is made up of teachers who are specialists in the teaching of Spanish and Galician as foreign languages. We have several years teaching experience in Spain as well as abroad. We have been spreading our language and culture for some time now in universities in the USA, Hungary, France, The Netherlands, England... We have decided that it was time for a change of scene and we deciced to teach our language and our cultural richness in situ.

There are many reasons why someone interested in learning Spanish should enrol on one of our courses:

· We are a dynamic and experienced team of teachers, qualified in Philology, and with Masters with the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language as a specialism.
· We offer a wide range of courses to cover the specific needs of our students.
· Flexibility is one of our maxims. If you don't find the course you need or the dates are not convenient, get in touch with us and we will do whatever possible to help you.
· It doesn't matter how long you have studied Spanish in your own country. An intensive course in Spain will activate all your knowledge and you will have the opportunity to practice in real situations.
· Galicia in general and A Coruņa in particular, are the ideal setting for learning Spanish. Unlike other areas in Spain, it will be much easier to practice this language where the Spanish schools sector is not overcrowded. You will share the class with a maximum of 8 - 10 students here.
· Don't expect to spend a lot of money by living well or enjoying the leisure options in Galicia and A Coruņa. It is not as expensive to live here as it is in other cities in the country. Besides, A Coruņa is a safe city.
· Being a small school we offer you familiar and personalised treatment. It is very important for us that the student feel at ease. We will do whatever possible to see that our students enjoy and get the greatest benefit from their stay at our school, with the intention that they feel protected by traditional Galician hospitality.
· Coming to Galicia is an experience that will enrich the limited perception traditionally held of Spain. Getting to know Galicia means discovering another culture, other traditions, other festivities. It is a land filled with magic that usually "hooks" those who visit her.
· You will have the opportunity to participate in activities to explore the city and other places of interest in Galicia with your companions.
· We want to be the meeting point of different cultures contributing to knowledge, interaction and understanding amongst them. It is as much an enriching experience for you as it is for us.

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