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Professional language courses

On these courses we will work on general Spanish but with special emphasis on communication, the specific vocabulary of each of the areas and cultural questions which are related to these fields.

Spanish for tourism: The Spanish for tourism course is thought out for professionals with links to any activity related to this area (travel agents, hotel staff, guides, tourism students...) and who have to deal with the Spanish language to carry out their jobs. We will practice situations which could unfold in this field.

Spanish for the catering industry: The catering industry course is aimed at people who work in restaurants, pubs, cafés,... and who need Spanish to perform their jobs. We will practice the vocabulary and typical conversations in this context.

Spanish for healthcare professionals:The healthcare course is thought out for people who work in any activity related with healthcare: doctors, nurses, dentists, medical students... who have to interact with Spanish speakers. We will practice the vocabulary related with this topic and also practice situations which can take place in this field.

Spanish for business: This course is targeted at students, professionals, executives, secretaries...those who have to use Spanish in their job. On these courses we will work with commercial correspondence, telephone conversations, and a lot of oral practice applied to work situations (how to negotiate, argue, sell, convince...)

http://www.camaramadrid.es/asp/cursos2/listadocursos.asp?Area=23 On this page you will find information on examinations organized by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.

From intermediate
20 hours / week (4 hours / day)
Two weeks minimum, 4 weeks maximum. Check dates
720 euros / 2 weeks (15 euros / hour)
1280 euros / 4 weeks
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