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Fiestas in A Coruña

San Juan Bonfires: On the night of the 23rd June, the beaches of A Coruña become a magical place filled with bonfires and "sardiñadas".

Maria Pita Fiestas: During the entire month of August A Coruña is an endless party.

Navy Battle: Francis Drake’s 1585 assault .

Battle of the Flowers:A procession of floats adorned with flowers at the end of August.

Battle of Elviña: We return to the 16th January 1809.

Book fair: The most important book stores from the city and Galicia.

Craft Fair: Galician crafts are a mixture of ancient and innovative.

Medieval fair: The streets of the old city leap through time and transport us to a middle age market with craftsmen and women faithful to history.

Teresa Herrera Trophy: The most important football fixture of the summer.

Virgen del Rosario fiesta: The festivals of the city’s patroness are celebrated in the month of October.

Magostos: At the heart of autumn arrives the traditional chestnut and young wine festival.

Carnival: The inhabitants of A Coruña show us their imagination during this festival in which people come onto the streets to show off a variety of unimaginable disguises.

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