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Standard of living

The standard of living in Galicia is more reasonable than in other parts of the country.

It will cost you less to do the same thing here than in other Spanish cities.

For example:

· A small glass of beer costs between 0.90 € and 1.20 €
· A "tapa" costs between 0.75 € and 1.10 €
· A set meal in a good restaurant can cost between 6 € and 12 €
· A coffee between 0.70 € and 1.10 €
· As far as cinema entry there are a variety of prices but the average is 6 €, with there being spectator days when entry will cost you an average 3 €. There are passes which will allow you to see 10 films in their original version for 10 € at the Centro Galego de Artes da Imaxe.
· An hour in a cyber cafι can cost you between 1€ and 1.50 €
· A double room with bathroom in two star accommodation can cost you around 35 €

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