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Traditional Galician culture places death on a plain parallel to life, or "beyond", about which there are a large amount of legends and beliefs related to the topic.

The Galicians pilgrimage, par excellence, is the one at San Andrés de Teixido where "whoever did not go in life, goes in death" even though they may have taken the form of a lizard or other creature. As such, no-one who visits San Andrés dares to harm any animal for it may be the carrier of a soul come there in keeping with tradition.

There is an oracle's fountain in San Andrés. People think of something, a request or a wish. They throw a breadcrumb and if it floats it means it will come true.

Those who visit the legendary sanctuary take with them the love herbs which grow there, next to the continent's highest cliffs. As the name suggests, they are used to win the love of someone who is not yet theirs. They also take with them "sanandreses", symbols which are related to the saint and made from breadcrumbs.

There are legends surrounding death like "Santa Compaña, the "Visión", and the souls of the purgatory.

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