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Gastronomy and cooking sheets

I would like to offer you an objective opinion on our cooking for which I will use the opinions of my friends and relatives who are not Galicians, but who visit me religiously every year "just to visit", but really, I am convinced that it is for the trip around the marvellous restaurants we have in our country and the quality/quantity/price ratio , or quite simply for the food I prepare them with surprising gusto.

Galician food owes its good name to the quality of its raw materials. It is a rich but simple food which allows you to enjoy authentic flavours. And those authentic flavours are those which overcome even the most demanding palates. I know more than one person who, after a while, could not forget the fish and seafood grill we ate at the Restaurante San Paio (Lavacolla) which left them gaping in astonishment, or the Hake casserole at the Restaurante Sexto (San Marcos).They were hardly indifferent either to the stuffed mussels, or the steamed mussels which you can try here practically fresh off the flat-bottomed boat. Just think that almost half of the world's production of these molluscs comes from our estuaries.

It goes without saying that you will have the opportunity to taste a very wide variety of seafood and molluscs, such as lobster, spider crab, crawfish, "percebes", small crabs, clams, cockles, razor clams, scallops, "zamburiñas" (a variety of scallop), etc etc. All of course washed down with a good Albariño, Godello or a Ribeiro wine.

If what appeals to you is a good piece of fish, what can I say about the hake caught on a hook, turbot, monkfish, sardines, or the famous Galician octopus. You can't go without trying it, either cooked in the traditional way with clams or as an "empanada", another typical product I am always obliged to take along whenever I visit the family and you can fill with the most varied ingredients.

If you are more of a meat lover, you will find veal, which is famous because its diet continues to be our pastures, making its meat pink and tender. Or our pork, which is enjoyed from the pigs ears to its tail, in a Galician soup, black pudding, chorizos, shoulder joints, "zorza" and many more dishes affectionately prepared. Pig slaughter is still seen as a get-together for families and neighbours here. And don't let me forget the Vilalba capon, turkey or even the "designer" cookery with ostrich meat.

Don't pass us by if your diet consists of vegetables for ours are many and varied. Our potatoes are famous throughout Spain, turnip tops which are only found in our land; cauliflower, cabbages, aubergines, courgettes, pumpkins, leeks, chard, and I won't go on because the list is endless.


Another quality Galician product are chestnuts which, come Autumn, turn up on our table tops, cooked, roasted or forming part of elaborate dishes.

But if what you like is sweet, here's where you can get ready. Personally, I am a devotee of the confectioners so I wouldn't know what to recommend because everything is excellent, for example, the famous Santiago cake, made with almonds and egg, or Guitiriz cake, "filloas", corn cake, "chulas", little tubes filled with cream, "leche frita" ( "fried milk" dessert made of milk and thickened with flour, coated with egg and fried), roscón de reyes (ring shaped cake), "orejas" (a kind of flat doughnut), chocolate...

Finally, eating in Galicia is a pleasure. We don't understand a gathering of friends without a good meal or dinner, or going for a drink or a beer without a good "tapa". Any excuse will do to meet up around a dish or one of our liqueurs (aguardientes, coffee liqueur, queimada), or simply a good cheese with quince whilst we chat about our everyday lives.

And many of these products have Designation of Origina with which quality is guaranteed.
Eating here is a party!! And there are festivals just for the pleasure of eating!!..
Give this experience a try and I guarantee you won't forget it...

And if you fancy trying one here you have a small collection of rich dishes prepared by our chefs, each one with its own personal touch which makes our cooking rich and varied.

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