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Octopus "a la feira" (pulpo ß feira): recipe from Matilde Felpeto

Ingredients: 1 octopus, 1 medium onion, extra virgin olive oil, paprika, cayenne pepper and coarse sea salt.

Wash and tenderise the fresh octopus, although this can be avoided if it has been frozen for forty-eight hours. Once defrosted this is how we shall continue:

We boil the onion in a large pan. When it is boiling hard, we put in the octopus then take it out, repeating this three times then leave it in.

We let it cook for thirty-five to forty minutes. We check it is cooked take it out of the water and leave it for a few minutes.

We cut it with scissors and place it on wooden plates or on a platter. Then we add the coarse salt, sprinkle with oil and the spices (make a mix of three parts paprika to one part cayenne pepper)

We can then use the water we cooked the octopus in to cook some potatoes, peeled and cut into large pieces and served as an accompaniment.

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