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The imprisoned troubadour continued to sing love songs to his lady....

imageMacías the Lover (Macías o Namorado) was a troubadour from Padrón at the service of the master of Calatrava. He enjoyed great fame and several of his compositions are compiled in the "Cancionero de Baena" (Baena Songbook).

The page fell deeply in love with Elvira, who served his lord. They carried on their relationship in secret. It transpired that in Macías' absence, the master decided to marry Elvira with a nobleman. When he returned, the love they felt was so great that they continued with the relationship through letters. When the nobleman discovered this he ordered the lover’s exile to Jaén and put him in prison.

The imprisoned troubadour continued to sing love songs to his lady and send her love poems. When the husband found out about this, he fetched his best horse and a spear and went to Jaén.

On arriving at the jail, Macías was behind the barred window singing sad love songs. Insane with jealousy the nobleman hurled the spear which went through the most love struck troubadour's heart.

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