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Entroido: Ancestral licence to have fun!

Maios: We celebrate the arrival of springtime.

Dia das Letras Galegas (Galician Arts Day): Day dedicated to the celebration of the history of our language and the richness of its literature.

La Noche de San Juan (San John's Night): The summer solstice arrives on the shortest and most special night of the year.

Rapa das bestas: A ritual involving the horses who live in freedom like great leaders.

Ortigueira Festival : Bagpipes and Celtic sounds during three days of culture and uninterrupted music.

Romaria Vikinga: The Vikings are coming! History, longships, fun.....and lots of wine.
**Warning: Our Vikings wear horns!!!

El dia del Carmen (Carmen's Day): Tribute to those seafarers who lose their lives year after year in doing their jobs.

Santiago: Festival of the most legendary apostle. Fireworks will light up the Compostela sky the night before Galicia's big day.

San Andrés de Teixido: Pilgrimage of the Galician spirit to one of the most beautiful parts of Galicia.

Magosto: The aroma of roast chestnuts and young wine overwhelm the arrival of Autumn.

Food festivals: Each product has its own "fiesta". Try... cheese, wine, seafood, "empanada" (meat pies), "filloas" (a type of Galician pancake), "cocido" (stew) and more.

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