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Notice: discounts are not accumulative. If several of the conditions are combined the greater percentage will be applied.
All discounts will be applied only to courses of a minimum period of 4 weeks

If you re-register as a student at Paralaia you will receive a 12% discount off the total cost of the course (not applicable if you decide to prolong your first stay.

Eastern countries and those newly incorporated into the EU: We wish to be favourable to people from those countries which have just joined the European Union so that they may have the opportunity to come to our country and learn our languages.

After several years working in Hungary we can confirm the growing interest there in Spanish and other peninsular languages. Galician, Catalan and Basque, which are subjects in several universities, provoke a very curious interest.

Because of this and with the aim of favouring the mobility and integration of these cultures we offer 12% discount off any of our intensive courses (standard, intensive, superintensive, marathon) to all nationals of the following countries:
· Hungary
· Czech Republic
· Slovenia
· Estonia
· Lithuania
· Latvia
· Poland
· Slovakia
· Cyprus
· Malta
· Romania
· Russia
· Bulgaria
· Ukraine
· Georgia
· Serbia
· Bosnia
· Croatia

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